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Are you looking to build a successful rental portfolio of single or multifamily properties? Or maybe you need someone you can trust to care for your family home. Either way, Smith Hearn Property Management is your partner with only one thing in mind – ensuring your experience is 100% problem and pain-free.


Standard Plan

  • 8% Monthly Management Fee
  • Leasing Fee – 70% of a Months Rent
  • $200 Lease Renewal Fee
  • No 3rd Party Maintenance Mark-up

All-Inclusive Plan

  • 12% Monthly Management Fee
  • ZERO Leasing Fee
  • ZERO Lease Renewal Fee
  • No 3rd Party Maintenance Mark-up

Leasing Only Plan

  • Leasing Fee – 100% of a Months Rent
  • Self Manage Monthly
  • Find Qualified Tenant for Owner
  • Supply Credit & Background Checks

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